Megahits Internet Service

Device Monitoring

When your network goes down, it can be a disaster. Our network monitoring services allow us to identify a network emergency immediately, spot early signs of trouble then take action to prevent problems from occurring. If something does go wrong, our on-site support services are available to efficiently get your network up and running.

Device Monitoring
Our specialized device monitoring software proactively alerts our technical support center in the event of failure or potential problems within the following areas:

  • E-mail – Provisioning & Monitoring
  • Network Servers – health & performance
  • Backup applications
  • Monitor available disk space
  • Insure Virus Protection & Security Service Packs are up to date
  • Monthly performance & monitoring reports

We also provide the following services:

  • Visits for routine maintenance on all monitor equipment
  • Discounted labor rates with contract
  • Preferred scheduling for emergency service
  • Optional off site encrypted data back up
  • 24/7 On-Site Network Support

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