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Broadband and Dedicated Circuits

Broadband & Dedicated Circuits

Our parent company Omega Solutions was formed to become a meaningful partner in the advancement of Internet related business solutions. We provide tools for reliable connection to the Internet.

Products include:

DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines) carry data at high speeds over standard telephone wires. With DSL, data can be delivered at a rate of up to 6.0 Mbps. DSL users can receive voice and data simultaneously so there is no need for a separate phone line.

T-1 Service (1.54Mb) contains a large amount of bandwidth for users that have significant data transfer demands. It moves data through the carrier onto the Internet through dedicated lines.

T-3 Service is a very large pipe of bandwidth containing 23 T-1 lines. T-3 lines will carry demands for transfer through dedicated lines.

We provide consultation services for business offering complete "turn-key" solutions for Internet connections, Internal Internet (Intranet), hardware, standard and customized software and security systems. We offer installation of all services, training and maintenance programs all provided by our certified technicians.

Omega Solutions, your Internet partner, provides you the competitive edge to effectively compete in the world of eCommerce. Contact our sales office today to arrange for a free and confidential analysis of your business Internet needs.