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SlipStream Accelerated DialUp

Boost your Internet speed with our web accelerator, SlipStream!

For years, dialup customers have had to stay with traditional dialup or pay considerably higher prices for cable & DSL. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with SlipStream, Omega’s accelerated dialup service that uses your existing dialup modem connection to provide the fastest, most reliable dialup service available!

Why Should I Buy SlipStream?

It’s fast
SlipStream gives you accelerated access at speeds up to 6x faster than traditional dialup!

It saves you money
At only $2.95/mo. you can experience fast Internet service without paying for an expensive DSL or cable connection.

It puts you in the pilot’s seat
SlipStream allows users to specify the desired image quality used and in turn, the speed of surfing.

It’s convenient
SlipStream speeds up any type of Internet connection, including dialup, DSL, wireless and cable. SlipStream can also be used with your current Internet Service Provider’s connection.

It travels with you
SlipStream is available anywhere you can get an Internet connection. You have high-speed data transmission wherever you take your computer.

Now, for only $2.95 per month, or $30.00 on annual accounts, Omega can convert your existing dialup account to SlipStream, hassle-free! Please call our Customer Care department today at 1-800-290-0461 for sign-up information. The installation process is so easy, you’ll be blasting through the Internet in no time!