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Internet Service

Internet Service
Megahits Internet provides high capacity connectivity to the Internet backbone which ensures a stable and reliable connection . . . every time. From dialup & DSL to powerful dedicated circuits, we’ll find the solution that best suits your needs. Our full range of business and residential Internet services include:

Dialup is a full service account that provides you with all the tools you'll need to surf the web!

Accelerated Dialup BrowseBlast, our accelerated dialup product, is a low-cost solution that lets you enjoy the Internet at speeds up to 6x faster than traditional dialup!

DSL High-speed DSL broadband services throughout the state of Connecticut! With DSL, you can enjoy all of the benefits that the Internet has to offer, at speeds up to 30x faster than a standard dialup connection!

Dedicated Circuits Give your business a competitive edge through dedicated “always on” Internet access!