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DSL Services

DSL Services

We are now offering high-speed DSL broadband services throughout the state of Connecticut! With our DSL, you’ll enjoy:

Fast Access – Save time downloading important files or software at speeds up to 30 times faster than a regular dialup connection.

Cost Savings & Convenience – With DSL there is no need for an additional phone line – use your phone or fax lines while on the Internet.

Secure Connection – Higher security, dedicated line. DSL enables complex business services, such as eCommerce & web hosting, to run quickly and efficiently.

It’s easy to see how DSL will positively affect your home or business, so why wait?

Residential DSL Services:
1.5Mbps downstream and 384kbps upstream, includes one static IP address.

Professional DSL Services:
3.0Mbps downstream and 384kbps upstream, includes one static IP address.

Professional High Speed DSL Services:
6.0Mbps downstream and 768kbps upstream, includes one static IP address.

Now, you can add basic web hosting to any DSL contract for only $10.00 / month!
This includes:
        30 MB Web Space
        2 E-mail Boxes with Spam and AntiVirus Filtering
        Unlimited Transfer
        Hosting Setup Fee Waived with 2 Year Contract

DSL Service Terms:

  • DSL hardware can be rented - call for details.
  • DSL pricing does not include standard telephone and voice services.
  • Residential services are billed via credit card only.
  • You may elect to perform a self-installation, in which event there are no additional charges for this service.
  • Assume an installation date of 10-15 days after ordering service.
  • We will check your telephone number for DSL availability. Qualifying residences are typically within 15,000 feet of the nearest local telephone company central office.
  • Service speed is not guaranteed. Speed is dependant on the distance of the service location from the local telephone company central office. The distance of the central office is inversely proportional to your speed; the further you are away from the office, the slower the speed of the connection.
  • DSL service is provided over your existing phone line. DSL Microfilters (provided as part of the install kit) must be installed on all phone lines at your location where a phone exists.
  • Omega will not be responsible for the maintenance on your phone lines.
  • Basic DSL is an always-on service, using PPPoE protocol. Each time you sign on, you will be assigned a Dynamic IP address if on a Residential connection, and a static IP address if on a Business connection.
  • Omega's Residential DSL Services include 5 e-mail boxes, 5 Mb of personal web space, over 30,000 newsgroups, and a free National dialup account. Dialup account and DSL access cannot be used simultaneously on the same telephone line